Claimed and unclaimed

This is a campaign page to recruit translators for writing new translations of Mod_Survey. For instructions on how to write a translation, see bottom of page. The listed languages are just a wish-list, any language not appearing in the list is unclaimed and will be accepted if sent in.

Language Status Main author
German Finished Michael Waider
Swedish Finished Joel Palmius
Dutch Finished Muizelaar, T.J
Italian Finished BugAnt
French severely outdated -
Spanish Unclaimed -

The original language of Mod_Survey is english in a wide sense. However, since most of the contributors are not native english speakers, it is a mixture of british, american and bad english. A translation to american or british english would included pretty much the same process as any other translation, but would mainly consist of correcting bad english. Thus, native english speakers are welcome to provide a translation too.


If you want to help out with mod_survey but don't want to code, you could always write a translation, or finish an existing translation. This is what you do: