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Welcome to the new homepage!


As of summer 2011, Contuitus Net Research AB will take stewardship of the Mod_Survey legacy. The announcement can be read here.


Again after a significant pause we have the stable release 3.2.6. The focus in this release has been to fix all the encoding problems. The code now explicitly uses UTF-8 internally, and explicitly checks/converts all input and output so that no encoding is left to chance.

Since this also relates to data, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to keep existing data when upgrading to this version. Doing so may result in data files with mixed text encodings.

Apart from the encoding fixes there are some goodies, such as two new report export for producing HTML pages which includes submitted survey data, and a new CALCULATED field for automatically storing a calculated field based on submitted data. See the changelog for full details.


I have just released a graphical editor for mod_survey projects. It has its own homepage. Why not go check out the screenshots?


With more than a year since the last stable release, the new stable release 3.2.5 was uploaded today. The main focus in this has been to address long-standing bugs, but there are some feature additions too. For example it is now possible to customize error messages. Further there are now helper scripts for generating auth files and a valid up-to-date DTD. Windows users will also be happy to know that the code has been worked through to remove all unix-only code. To my knowledge, everything should now work under IndigoPerl in windows. The full changelog is available here.


The test release 3.2.5-pre3 has been released. MATRIX has recieved some further love and a few bugs concerning UNIQUEROWS, UNIQUECOLUMNS and MULTI has been fixed. A new tag, SUBMITERROR has been added so one can customize error messages caused by, for example, MUSTANSWER (I've been too lazy to add an example in the tarball, but see this post on the mailinglist). Further, I have added two help scripts: for generating a list of logins in htpasswd format, and for parsing a crude text file and generating a valid survey file template (there is an example in the root of the tarball).


Another developmental tarball, test release 3.2.5-pre2 has been released. Main changes are further compat changes for windows, fixes for MATRIX layout glitches in internet explorer, implementation of IP-based uniqueness checking, more bugfixes in exports and addition of an up-to-date DTD. This is still a development release and not fit for production use.


In anticipation of a coming stable maintainance release, the developmental test release 3.2.5-pre1 was released today. Main changes are a bugfix in delimited fields (could not use some delimiters), tested and working with apache 2.2, a merged patch for the ability to customize the MUSTANSWER error message in CUSTOM and many compatibility fixes for windows. There is now a separate installation instruction for windows. Note that this is a test release and not fit for prodution use.


As some of you already know, mod_survey has been nominated for a big grant, the Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration. My university has issued a press release (in swedish). I've also written a more personal comment about it. In summary, it is as yet unknown what the chances are that mod_survey actually gets the grant, but if it does, the money will go to a year of development.

If you speak swedish and and enjoy looking people making a mess of themselves, you could also refer to the local media: Both TV and radio picked up the news. (TV is news broadcast, section about mod_survey starts at about 03:42 into the clip, the radio clip seems somewhat chopped up, it was longer in the actual broadcast)


After too much trouble to recount here, is back up on a dedicated machine, after having temporarily moved around on a few different places. Old services should be restored, although on new locations and with new logins. The subversion repository is now available at The read/write devel access has changed location. Mail me if you need commit access.


The web page is down because of a hardware failure since a month back. The page was hosted on a machine I have put on a co-loc. I cannot personally afford to buy a new motherboard for the machine at this time, so I've had to trust the warranty procedure which involves sending the motherboard back to the internet site from which I bought it. That is the state of things as of now: the shop has got the motherboard, but I have no date on when I will get a functional version back (or even if).

For now, this page will have to suffice. It is a bit dated since I've had to copy it from an old backup, but the latest release of mod_survey is available in the download section. Note that the demo site is running a rather old version of mod_survey.

Information will be sent to the list if/when the main site with the subversion repository and everything comes up again.


You can now download stable version 3.2.4 from the download page. Main changes are that mod_survey should now produce valid xhtml again, and that the translations should work properly. Otherwise there have been a couple of bugfixes. You can also read the full changelog.


The modsurvey machine is back online again. As described in this post the machine running the modsurvey homepage/bugzilla/svn had a seizure and died horribly last week. The reports from the server farm still sounds somewhat ominous, but at least it runs now.


Mod_survey now has a public bugzilla database. Everyone is welcome to log in there and add new bugs.


The documentations page has been repaired. It contained a couple of broken links after the domain move


Pre-release 3.2.4-pre1 was released today. This mainly includes bugfixes as compared with the last stable release. Non-english installers might be interested in knowing that the language files have been fixed.


Daily snapshots from svn are now available in the tarballs directory. (look for svn-snapshot-*.tbz2)


I have updated the translations page with status of translations and instructions on how to write a translation. Writing a translation is really easy, and translations are always needed. We are especially looking for someone to do a french translation.


Stable release 3.2.3 is now available. You will probably want to read the release announcement before upgrading.


Homepage moved to new location. Expect broken links for a while until I've cleaned it all up.


3.2.3-pre3 is out. This mainly contains some minor bugfixes. The installer should be better at detecting SuSE and gentoo, and the TOKENAUTH should no longer display a basic_auth password dialog if the authentication fails.

This is probably what will become 3.2.3 stable minus some translations and layout polishing


According to this entry in the gentoo bugzilla, it'd seem that 3.2.3-pre2 is about to hit portage.


The new pre-release 3.2.3-pre2 was released today with the following changes: The compatibility layer for different versions of mod_perl has been rewritten: mod_survey should now work with mod_perl version 2.0.0 and higher. Various glitches in stylesheets/themes have been fixed. A template bug in LICKERT has been fixed. The TOKENAUTH authentication method was added. There is now a grouped frequency table data export available in the data module.


Yesterday we had an online meeting discussion the work. People interested in following what's happening with the development of mod_survey can read the chatlog.


At long last, a new developmental version has been released. Version 3.2.3-pre1 contains heavy behind-the-scenes modifications. The most important of these is a complete rewrite of the layout engine. All layout is now based on a templating engine written by Martin Ertl. Together with this, the CSS markup has changed into a more logical approach.

In theory, you should be able to upgrade to this version and everything should look pretty much the same, unless you have made custom stylesheets. This server now uses the new version, so take a look at the demo pages. Custom-made stylesheets written for the previous version will not work in any way whatsoever.

For a list of changes see the changelog.


The stable release 3.2.2 was released today. It consists of two notable bugfixes and some minor code sanitation. This release solves the problem with UNIQUE not working as intended, and with FILTER erronously reported as being too many.


A new stable release, 3.2.1 is available. Read the announcement here. Users of the previous stable release, 3.2.0, will likely want to upgrade to this version. There is also short notice on the developer list.


A new pre-release, 3.2.1-pre4 is available. Read the announcement here. The code is rapidly approaching a point where a new stable release will be made. -pre4 is probably the last pre-release before 3.2.1 stable. However, after releasing this -pre, it was discovered that a debug statement accidentaly had been left in the code, and it disables some of the page-forwarding functionality. Thus you will probably not want to use this pre-release, but rather download the CVS code if you want the latest Mod_Survey.


A new pre-release, 3.2.1-pre3 is available. Read the announcement here


I have added a few "see also" items in the page menu.


A developer mailing list has been set up. This is mainly for convenience, so that developers of mod_survey has somewhere to discuss code issues without having to mail each other privately. The list is open for the public (send "subscribe survey-devel" to, and it is archived in gmane.


3.2.1-pre2 was released today. The main focus of this release is a patch (see discussion on list) from Martin Ertl. This patch solves the long-lasting ugliness with the intermediary forward-page. With this upgrade, the forward to the next page in a survey chain looks instantaneous to the respondent. Apart from that, it is now also possible to write the whole submit message inside the new SUBMIT tag. You can read the full announcement here.


The first development patch of the next release, 3.2.1-pre1 was released today, see the announcement for more details.


The public online chat has been postponed for two days. The current plan is that it will be held 16.00 CET on thursday september 9. See last news entry for more info.


On the schedule for this autumn are regular IRC chats about future developments of Mod_Survey. In about a week the first of these will be held. Thus on tuesday september 7, you can join a public IRC chat concerning data awareness in components. There is a discussion document available. The chat will be held on undernet in the channel #modsurvey. The chat will start 17.00 CET.


The CVS repository has been tidied up a bit. See this notice for information on why, and this notice for information on how to use the new setup.


Gentoo users will now find Mod_Survey in Portage. Thus, all you need to do to install the 3.2.0 version is (in theory):

USE="apache2" ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge mod_survey

(The USE flag is not really necessary, but I recommend running mod_survey with apache2)


Finally, after more than a year since the latest stable release, 3.2.0 stable was released today. There are many, many changes since 3.0.15, you can read more in the release announcement. This site still uses 3.2.0-rc1, but will be upgraded to the final release once time permits.


As the development branch of mod_survey recently was released as a release candidate, I have now stopped using the old 3.0.x branch entirely. All active surveying done at my university now uses the 3.2.x branch. As of today this site is also installed with 3.2.0-rc1, which might cause some old examples to stop working. However, you can now visit a demo site to see how an actual installation of 3.2.x looks.


A new page for a translation campaign has been added


Today notes the presentation of Release Candidate 1 of the upcoming stable 3.2.0 release. In the best of worlds, this should be more or less identical with the coming stable release, minus some translations. Changes as compared with the last -pre version include:

As stated in the revised release schedule, the stable release will be released mid-august if nothing horrible happens down the road.


The development release 3.2.0-pre6 was released today. This is the last "pre" snapshot in the 3.2.x branch. The next release will be a release candidate for a full stable release of 3.2.0, meaning that if no major bugs is found in it, it will be renamed to stable.

I view the current state of the development tree (ie this release) as pretty stable, indeed more stable than the last "stable" release 3.0.15. Thus, if you are considering whether to download 3.0.x or 3.2.x, you should go for 3.2.x.

The full announcement with changelog and release plan is available here.


The development release 3.2.0-pre5 was released today. As you can see in the changelog there have been numerous changes. The most important of these are:

As a stable release is drawing closer, some priorities have been made. The list of issues to fix before a stable release are available in the TODO file. Many plans and enhancements have been moved from this to the Pushed file, which lists things that will not be addressed until after 3.2.0 has been released as stable.

IMPORTANT: The AutoData file structure has changed as a part of this release. Data submitted in older AutoData files (the default behavior of Mod_Survey) will not be readable once you upgrade. You should remove all old data before using this version. This does not concern data saved via DBI.


The gathering server has been down for a few days due to a network intrusion. The miscreants exploited a hole in CVS, then installed a new SSH client and then set up some kind of IRC line on the server. To my knowledge none of the Mod_Survey source files were touched, but CVS will be down until I've gone through it all. As the machine has been reinstalled from scratch, some services may be temporarily unavailable or look strange.


A new sub-project, "Cough", has been packaged and announced today. Cough is a survey hosting layer for Mod_Survey, and it has its own webpage


Two security-related updates have been released. Among other bugfixes, these address the newly found script injection bug. For more information about this issue, please refer to the security advisory. Users of the stable branch are encouraged to upgrade to 3.0.16-pre2. Users of the development branch are encouraged to upgrade to 3.2.0-pre4 or to CVS. For more information about what has changed (quite a lot), please refer to the changelog announcement. System administrators wanting to upgrade the stable branch must read the security advisory before upgrade, as it contains important information about blocked characters in respondent input.


There is now a new homepage design which has been contributed by Todd Slater. Work with giving the contents an overhaul while we're at it is ongoing too.


The development snapshot 3.2.0-pre3 was released today. This release consists mainly of two big patches from BugAnt: One for making DBI work again (it hasn't since the branch from 3.0.15) and one for improved randomization on both axes in MATRIX. There are also a number of minor fixes. Apart from the above, the syntax reference for the 3.2.x branch is finished (minus the occational error). Further, the work with writing the Mod_Survey for Beginners guide has been started (this document is as of yet only an outline and does not contain any text).


As noted in mailing list posting 520, an effort to write a comprehensible and complete documentation for the 3.2.x branch has been started. The first draft of the syntax reference is now available (the document will be updated continuously). This fulfills "complete", but may not be entirely comprehensible for people who are not used to mod_survey already. Beginners should start out with the old documentation.


The italians in the YaaCs / Demetra crew as sent me absolutely awesome T-shirts.


Mod_Survey is today celebrating three years on the net. Festivities will be held in the form of too much candy in the lunch-room at the ITM department at the Mid Sweden University in Östersund.


Development release 3.2.0-pre2 was released today. This include many feature updates, such as a new authentication/authorization layer, ability for CUSTOM in carrying variables, ability for timing and datestamping respondent answers and much more.

The demo site has been updated with examples of the new features.

Please note that this is an unstable release, not fit for daily use. If it chews your data I will merely smile sympathetically and wait for a bug report.


There was much rejoicing as the first development snapshot of the future major stable branch 3.2.x was released today. The 3.2.x series will eventually replace the 3.0.x series as the stable branch of mod_survey. For those who haven't been involved that long, the 3.0.x series has lived as stable branch since early autumn 2000, with its first public release (3.0.4) in spring 2001.

The 3.2.x code include major updates such as:
There are more changes than this. If you want more info read the release notes.

The installation tarball is available in the download section. However, please note that this is a very early developmental snapshot, which is not fit for production use. For now, most people will probably be satisfied with visiting the online examples.


3.0.16-pre1 was released today. This release contains a much asked-for update enabling the possibility to insert HTML code into CAPTIONs and similar (see screenshot). Apart from that, the most notable feature improvement is that it is now possible to set a non-answer default for a LIST when it is one item heigh (such as "Choose..."). There were also several bugfixes, of which the most important was that it is now possible to leave a TEXT unanswered even when NUMERICAL is enabled.

I view this release as pretty much stable, and expect that the release cycle for 3.0.16 will be very much shorter than for 3.0.15 (which took nine months and seven pre-releases to finish). What is missing before a stable release is in principle documentation updates, and for me to decide if I should include my secret project in this release or the next one (no, I'm not going to tell you what it is :-) ).


Things have been rather slow lately, so I felt it was time for a status update. I am currently working on a new stable release (3.0.16) which will a) fix some not-all-that-serious bugs and b) solve the problem with html code in captions. (the problem is that you can't have html code there at all). The latter works rather fine currently, and it is likely there will be a "-pre" release soon.

There is also a screenshot of this.

Apart from this, work is progressing slowly with the 3.2.x development series. Conditional branching works most of the time, and a new session module has been implemented to replace the passing of variables via GET strings (which limited multipart survey lengths severely).

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